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HydraWedge SM50
Wedge Barrier
HydraWedge SM50

HydraWedge SM50 defends high security sites worldwide with proven reliability and unparalleled performance. This high-cycle, shallow mount vehicle wedge barrier boasts the toughest domestic and international Crash Certifications. HydraWedge SM50 provides high performance and uninterrupted security at a fraction of competitive system installation and maintenance expense.

HydraWedge SM50 has won more Top Security awards than any other crash barrier. The Security Industry of America (SIA) honored HydraWedge SM50 with its “Best Outdoor Perimeter Protection” award in 2016, and it also received the 2016 “Best Gates, Fences, Barriers” award from Government Security News.

High cycle - fast throughput Manage traffic AND maintain high security. HydraWedge cycles thousands of times per day, 3-sec open or close; 1 sec EFO.

Site-sensitive configuration Highly programmable, solid-state electronics put site-sensitive configuration into the hands of security integrators.

Fast, two day installation 12 inch shallow mount, small footprint concrete foundation and minimal rebar reduces installation time and minimizes conflict with underground utilities.

Hundreds of cycles after AC power loss with UPS battery backed-up HydraWedge SM50 UPS. Maintain security after AC power loss.

Record (or monitor) security events Gate system and accessory status and alerts are recorded in non-volatile memory and/or reported in real time via Ethernet/fiber using optional web based HyNetTM Gateway.

5-year warranty on hydraulics and electronics. Industry-exceeding warranty is your assurance of HySecurity’s high reliability, low maintenance, and long life.

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