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HydraSupply XL
Wedge Barrier
HydraSupply XL

Retrofit most vehicle barrier HPUs at a fraction of the cost of complete wedge replacement. Outperforms, outlives OEM systems. Little or no site work to impair facility use, or compromise security.

5-year warranty. Unparalleled reliability.

Field programmable. Smart Touch™, a compact, powerful, programmable, embedded controller, puts vehicle barrier sequencing and management in the palm of authorized users’ hands.

No crane required. Light enough to install with loader or forklift.

Heavy duty up to thousands of cycles per day.

Two models. “Single Acting” (aka: gravity down) systems that utilize gravity to bring the wedge plate down or “Double Acting” systems that require pressure for up/ down activation.

Open/Close: 3 - 5 seconds (Dependent on wedge specs)

FAST EFO: 1 - 2 seconds (Dependent on wedge specs)

Wide temperature range -40° to 158°F (-40° to 70°C)

Integrated manifold with state-of-the-art cartridge valves yields high performance in a compact, easy to service, package.

Small system footprint. Compact power and control design reduces system footprint to a fraction of competitors’.

Eliminate costly, custom, PLC dependencies. HydraSupply XL features Smart Touch, a compact, powerful, programmable, embedded controller, putting vehicle barrier sequencing and management in the palm of authorized users’ hands.

The HydraSupply XL Universal HPU cabinet houses the hydraulic pump pack, motor, Smart Touch Controller, heater, batteries and accumulator. Wall or post mounted on a separate foundation which must be erected on site. The ventilated cabinet, with optional heater, can be installed up to 80 feet (25 m) from the wedge. High pressure hoses connect the hydraulic cylinder in the wedge base frame to the HPU cabinet. The base frame provides a 4-inch diameter opening for hydraulic hose and low voltage wiring conduit.

*HydraSupply XL retrofits most manufacturer’s vehicle barrier wedges. Contact HySecurity sales at 800-321-9947 to confirm wedge specifications.

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